"Phirst and Phoremost"

a refleKtion of events

Understanding the Times

It is becoming increasingly more important that we understand the world that we live in.

My mind was blown recently at how advanced our world is. Kids as young as 8 and 9 years of age are not only computer savvy, they’re running circles around ┬ápeople in previous generations.

Social networks such as facebook and twitter are mainstream whereas iin the latter part of the ’90’s chat rooms were still a taboo.

People’s cell phones have what we call “apps” which are applications that keep you connected wherever you go and for the first time ever, the web is truly mobile.

With everything and everyone moving so fast, the question arises, who are we leaving behind? It’s good to understand the times, but it’s even more beneficial to “work” the times. Are we controlled by our need to be connected and in doing so, lose a touch of the things that make us human…person to person interaction?


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