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I commented on Lauren H‘s blog. It’s quite an interesting read on Breast Cancer Awareness.


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The Relevancy of Effective Communication Skills

More and more, we see people in society who for some reason or another lack effective communication skills. They are unable to effectively convey their thoughts and emotions in a written and verbal form and it limits relationships in the work-place and life in general.

Many can relate to the problem with assuming things, but oftentimes, what choices do we have as individuals when the people we interact with on a daily basis fail to communicate? This failure can often lead to mishaps, miscommunication, termination (work) or hurt feelings.

Earlier this year, a member of the Lambda Kappa Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. participated in a leadership program designed to encourage women to take more charge in the work place. One of the key points stressed and that she says stands out to this day is how to communicate effectively.

Clearly this factor in the communication model is key; effectively communicating. Hopefully, as you read this blog, you will begin to think of times when you didn’t quite say what you wanted or it wasn’t said in the best manner possible, and you will begin to evaluate how these situations can be handled differently.

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