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Cover Letter Tips

This week, I was given the task of blogging about what I, and a few professionals would consider helpful tips when writing a cover letter. After reading a number of sites online with little tidbits here and there, one theme that seems to permeate throughout most is the idea that if your cover letter doesnt catch a potential employers attention, you’ll probably be passed over. so here are a few helpful tips that I have gathered for you.

  1. Think of your cover letter as a commercial for yourself (www.aarp.com)
  2. The cover letter should not be any longer than a page. 
  3. Refer to the exact job you are applying for.
  4. Why are you perfect for the position (www.accent-resume-writing.com)
  5. Who will contact who
  6. Actively sell yourself

In everything, remember that you have to adhere to certain guidelines to ensure that you are not being looked over for a lack of professionalism. Make sure that your cover letter is straight forward, not too flowery, using clear and concise language that sells you without selling you. Let your work or your work ethic speak for you.

Also, be sure to establish who will establish the next contact. I personally would include a sentence explaining that you would give the prospective employer a call to follow up and see if he or she has made a decision about the position that you are interested in. Then, thank them for their time and express, without being too eager that you hope to be hearing from them soon. This makes you stick out to your possible employer. You as an aspiring employee took the time to follow up prior to your actual interview and the employer is then more likely to remember you and want to connect a face to the polished cover letter sitting on his or her desk.

If you are to be successful, utilize these and other tips that can be found online to ensure that your cover letter is the best professional representation of you. There are plenty of sites available as well as literature that will point you in the right direction. I hope that this was helpful and that some of you are now on your way to developing a cover-letter that you can be proud of.

John Q.

The websites that I paraphrased tips from are:






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I commented on Amy’s blog about the lighting of sweetheart circle. Check it out

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What are you Thankful for?

So many times, we as people never stop to take the time to say thank you. I recall a time when drivers used to be courteous to each other, I also remember a time when individuals used to hold the door for one another regardless of affiliation. I wonder what happened to those days of yesteryear. What happened to common courtesy? In a world full of seemingly thanklessness the question arose, What am I Thankful for?

Well of course, you’d be thankful for the obvious: life, health and strength, but beyond that, what really do we have to be thankful for? I’m thankful to live in the greatest country in the world with liberties that some only dream of. I’m also thankful for the opportunity to become who I want without fear of oppression. That’s something that we take for granted. I’m thankful for family, friends…even enemies.

The point is, regardless of our economic status, situations, or lifestyles, we all have at least one thing that we can be thankful for. Think about that during the upcoming holiday season and display it daily.

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Next Level Thinking

As the semester’s end looms in sight, you begin to wonder, how many people are actually ready for the next level? We spend these 4+ years in college stressing over exams and projects, not realizing until the end that these simple moments should be cherished because after college, real life begins.

This unpreparedness is something that many college graduates face. In a struggling economy, it is vital to your success that you have a plan. Don’t wonder what comes next, know what you’re going to do next.

On many college campuses there are career fairs. We encourage you to attend and begin mixing and mingling with real-world professionals. The point is, don’t let real life sneak up on you. Elevate your mind to that next level thinking.

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I commented on Beth‘s blogpost about the Church in the Vegas community.

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Understanding the Times

It is becoming increasingly more important that we understand the world that we live in.

My mind was blown recently at how advanced our world is. Kids as young as 8 and 9 years of age are not only computer savvy, they’re running circles around  people in previous generations.

Social networks such as facebook and twitter are mainstream whereas iin the latter part of the ’90’s chat rooms were still a taboo.

People’s cell phones have what we call “apps” which are applications that keep you connected wherever you go and for the first time ever, the web is truly mobile.

With everything and everyone moving so fast, the question arises, who are we leaving behind? It’s good to understand the times, but it’s even more beneficial to “work” the times. Are we controlled by our need to be connected and in doing so, lose a touch of the things that make us human…person to person interaction?

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I commented on Lauren H‘s blog. It’s quite an interesting read on Breast Cancer Awareness.

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The Relevancy of Effective Communication Skills

More and more, we see people in society who for some reason or another lack effective communication skills. They are unable to effectively convey their thoughts and emotions in a written and verbal form and it limits relationships in the work-place and life in general.

Many can relate to the problem with assuming things, but oftentimes, what choices do we have as individuals when the people we interact with on a daily basis fail to communicate? This failure can often lead to mishaps, miscommunication, termination (work) or hurt feelings.

Earlier this year, a member of the Lambda Kappa Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. participated in a leadership program designed to encourage women to take more charge in the work place. One of the key points stressed and that she says stands out to this day is how to communicate effectively.

Clearly this factor in the communication model is key; effectively communicating. Hopefully, as you read this blog, you will begin to think of times when you didn’t quite say what you wanted or it wasn’t said in the best manner possible, and you will begin to evaluate how these situations can be handled differently.

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I commented on Ashleigh’s blog post about presidential candidates speaking to GSU students.

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“He ain’t heavy…”

This past weekend, members of the Lambda Kappa Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. had the opportunity to volunteer at the Special Olympics in Statesboro, GA. Events such as this are the type that get back to the true heart of being a leader: to serve.

So often, people from meager beginnings are elevated to high positions and they tend to forget from whence they came; don’t let this be you. You can do your part, even now by getting active in your community, volunteering at local elementary schools or even visiting the elderly at nursing homes.

The point is, there is always more we can do, there’s always a measure of success to be attained, there’s always someone who can benefit from your philanthropy.

Til next time

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